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Hopper Funeral Home

Time for veggie soup!

Kristy Dean Cole  Confession of a Baking Queen

Kristy Dean Cole
Confession of a Baking Queen

Looking at all the falling leaves piling up sure looks like Fall. Just over the course of a weekend, the yard seems nearly full of gold and brown foliage shed from nearby trees. Although the first frost has not yet killed out the remaining greenery, the sun is still beaming with brightness slowly loosing its strength each day. No need for flip-flops, only hoodies and sweaters will soon be the new dress… Continue reading

Mom sees uncanny resemblance between husband, baby

Roger Alford

Roger Alford

I love the story of the woman who was admiring her friend’s newborn baby.

“He sure favors his dad,” the woman said.

“Oh, yes, he surely does,” the new mom said. “He sleeps all the time, never talks and has no hair.”

It’s only natural that children look like their parents. In some instances, the resemblance is uncanny. Sometimes, they act alike. And sometimes they even sound alike.

So to should Christians have traits that cause them to… Continue reading

Nothing kills goodwill like a tax bill!

From the Publisher Jay Nolan

From the Publisher
Jay Nolan

Remember just a week ago we were honoring the 15th anniversary of 9-11.  Several banks held special ceremonies to recognize our local first responders, including of course our volunteer firemen.  We honored them, and thanked them for the dangerous job they do.  And we also celebrated the memory of their brothers and sisters in the NYFD, who sacrificed and distinguished themselves 15 years ago.

Now, not much more than a week later,… Continue reading

Rogers Explorers students coming to Union

Photo by Tasha Stewart Dr. Jason Reeves, Rogers Explorers program coordinator for Union College.

Photo by Tasha Stewart
Dr. Jason Reeves, Rogers Explorers program coordinator for Union College.

Residents in Barbourville will see several new faces next summer.

Union College recently entered a partnership that will bring 30 Rogers Explorers students from 42 counties to the campus during the summer of 2017.

This partnership with Rogers Explorers began early last year when Executive Director Delaney Stephens approached Union College about becoming the seventh host site for the program.

“[We] were talking about what our… Continue reading

100% of Union’s first nursing class earns board licensure

2016_nursing_graduatesAll 14 of Union College’s pre-licensure nursing graduates have earned full licensure to practice as registered nurses. The group of students entered the program in 2012 as Union’s inaugural class and have set a benchmark for students in the program to follow.

“Having all of your inaugural class pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) for Registered Nurses is just unheard of,” said Dr. Marisa Greer, Union’s Dean of Nursing. “This speaks volumes as to how well this program is… Continue reading

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