Writing Our Appalachian Family History

February 17, 2016

In late December 2009, several members of my family, the Lucy Hubbard/ Sherman Oxendine family along with my first cousins, members of the Genell Oxendine/ Glen Jackson family met in the days following Christmas to write our first volume of stories from our combined families. Many of these were fascinating tales had been handed down from generation to generation. We all felt that it was up to us, the eldest of both clans, to record these rich family stories and traditions for future generations, our children’s children. This longing to save these stories generated our desire to write our first book.

Our first volume entitled, Our Family Stories: Written from the Heart Vol. I contained 38 entries including poetry, stories, songs, Appalachian expressions, folklore and traditions. To date, it contains the most stories of all our other books. Each family member was asked to write a personal narrative of something that had happened to him/her or to another family member during their lifetime.
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