Try out this new fall family treat

August 27, 2015
Kristy Dean Cole  Confession of a Baking Queen

Kristy Dean Cole
Confession of a Baking Queen

Is it fall yet? I find myself in the middle of a summer that isn’t quite over and the longing for a fall that isn’t here yet. Last week was the start of football season here in Knox County, and as bad as I want to be wearing a blue and gold hoodie, weather is not permitting for one. I’m over ice cream and bathing suits. I want bonfires, autumn colors on the leaves, and harvest moons. Don’t even get me started on apples and pumpkins! I could enjoy the tastes of those daily. So prepare yourself, ’cause I have some great recipes to share.

My Aunt Arthena Mills has some of the most fruit bearing apple trees I have ever known. My entire family picked buckets full for various baking goods. Last year my husband and I were still picking apples long after the first frost and Halloween. The things we make with them are never-ending-fried pies, apple pies, apple cakes and my mother’s unbeatable apple butter.

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