Time is slipping away

January 19, 2016
Mildred Higgins

Mildred Higgins

The hands on the old clock seemed to turn faster this week. As I listen to the ticking of the clock I search for something of interest to write about. The morning is slipping away.

As I sip my coffee watching steam rise and disappear I’m happy I got up early to view the Sunrise. This is a beautiful morning. I pity people that sleep and miss many beautiful sights and smells of a new dawning day. There is something special about the smell of fresh dew or to feel the fresh wash of a cool breeze on your face. It is wonderful to see the sun peaking over just starting to hit the treetop like a golden ray, beautiful to see. Or to see a morning fog clutching the ground like a blanket, as the sun rises fog will lift up around the trees like they are on fire the fog like smoke slowly rises…a beautiful sight indeed. The sad realization as I look out my window the magic of this season like the ticking of the clock this season is shooting by with lightening speed…not like when I was younger seasons seemed to last much longer.

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