The things kids will say

January 19, 2016
Regina Bargo  Tales from the Classroom

Regina Bargo
Tales from the Classroom

It never fails. Every year… at least once a week or so a child gets accused for picking their nose and putting the contents into their mouth. I tried to discourage this by telling the students that their nose is like the bathroom of their head. I explained when you pick your nose and eat it, it’s like eating from the toilet. Of course, the students all shouted, “ EEEEEWWWWW!” However, since that time, not one child has been accused of picking their nose and eating the extraction! I decided to brag on the students for their success with this problem when a little boy squealed, “You know what? My daddy fell in pig snot before!” I quickly replied, “But I bet he didn’t eat it!” He winced, “No way!”

We play a lot of games where students have to write answers on dry erase boards. When one of my little girls was the only one to get an answer right, I decided to let her go to the board to write and explain how she had gotten her answer. She was so proud that she put her hands on her hips, pranced up to the board, and bragged, “This is so easy! I’ve done it for like 15 years!” I assume she forgot that she is only five years old!

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