Students tell about their recent snow days

February 9, 2016
Regina Bargo  Tales from the Classroom

Regina Bargo
Tales from the Classroom

The students were so excited to be back at school after the long snow break. I was just as excited to find out what they had been doing on their days off from school. I allowed them to take turns and tell something that had happened when they weren’t in school.

Annie was quick to explain her cousin’s plight. She said, “My three year old cousin got stuck standing in the snow at the bottom of the hill. Then, my other cousin had to go down and help her up!”

I asked, “Why didn’t you go help her… you are older?” She said, “I was too busy getting up the hill myself!”

Then, Billy chuckled, “I jumped out of my treehouse and my face plowed the snow! It was so fun!”

I think kids these days have a strange sense of “fun!” Next, Kylie exaggerated, “My daddy sledded me in the snow and my two front teeth fell out when I turned upside down… I guess my knees popped up and knocked them out!”

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