Stinking Creek News

March 28, 2015

Irma Gall

Lend-A-Hand Center

Is it a high tide or a flash flood or will it be a disastrous flood? Lend-a-Hand Center is located in the Stinking Creek flood plain so we are accustomed to rising water. We even have markers and names for the various danger water problems. There are times when the creek is full which means it is up to the level of the field. Then it becomes a “high tide” when it breaks over the low places along the bank which is usually an entry way into the creek.
When it comes sneaking into the bottom of the field, we know the Cumberland River is full and backs up Stinking Creek which then spills over the bank coming up the creek. We don’t mind that so much as it usually leaves a deposit of silt and leaves which enrich the soil. When the river goes down the water is pulled rather gently out.

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