Rain barrels, apple blossoms and white lace curtains

June 27, 2016
Mildred Higgins

Mildred Higgins

Where are the days of white lace curtains?

My grandma Hammons had white lace curtains through out her house.  She washed, starched and placed them to dry on curtain stretchers.  The last time I remember seeing a pair of curtain stretchers was as a young girl on the lane.   To the younger generation that have not see, or heard, of this item, a curtain stretcher is a large wooden frame with tiny sharp points. The nail head points outline the frame.  A panel of washed starched lace curtains is placed on the stretcher, held by the tiny nail heads until the curtains dry. I remember helping grandma place her curtains on stretchers and placed them in the sun until they were dry. After drying grandma ironed the ruffles to perfection.   Then the fresh clean curtains were hung on squeaky clean windows… Her motto was “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” I can hear grandma’s prideful words as she carefully tied each panel of curtains to the side of the window.  “There is nothing prettier then a clean pair of white lace curtains.”

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