Old fashioned ‘Priming the Pump’ is key to Knox growth

February 18, 2016
From the Publisher Jay Nolan

From the Publisher
Jay Nolan

How many of you have ever primed a pump?

Do you remember in the days of hand-dug wells? Sometimes you had to prime the pump before you could get water.

Well, if Knox County is going to attract more jobs and growth into our area, we are going to have to prime our economic pump. We must invest wisely to develop our economy.

Investing in a full time professional focused only on economic development could be just the “priming” our Knox County “pump” needs.

Laurel County did this, and over time landed Aisin Automotive, ABC Automotive, the Wal-Mart Distribution Center, and many other companies. Today, Laurel County households earn, on average, about $15,000 more than Knox County households.

Even one major development success in Knox County could generate hundreds of jobs.

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