Neither rain, nor sleet. . . nor bitter cold

February 21, 2015
Barbourville Post Office

Barbourville Post Office

“People can help us by clearing a path to their mailboxes. The snow plows not only block people’s driveways, but also our access to their mailboxes.”

— Charles Ramey, Barbourville Postmaster

Few people are aware of the fact that the Barbourville Post Office has had no heat on the workroom floor for the better part of a month. Up until the recent snowstorm and subsequent bitter cold temperatures, that has not been much of a problem for the workers. “Even on cold days, it’s stayed around 65 degrees on the floor,” said Chuck Kennett, post office custodian. “However, since the snowstorm earlier this week, it’s gotten quite chilly back here.”

The customer service area at the front of the post office does have heat; however, officials are not sure when heat will be restored to the back of the building.

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