Jailer gets nod from Judge Executive for work-release program

July 23, 2014

All five Knox County magistrates; Carson Gilbert, 1st district, Keith Abner, 2nd district, Jerry (Rabbit) Cox, 3rd district, Pat McDonald, 4th district, and Julio Cima, 5th district, joined Judge Executive J.M. Hall at Wednesday’s Knox County Fiscal Court meeting.

After officially opening the meeting, Judge Hall opened the floor to the general public. Boone Heights resident Sharon Lounder addressed 3rd District Magistrate Jerry Cox. Apparently, the county had come in and cleaned out dirt at the edge of her yard in order to establish drainage. Lounder’s complaint was that the dirt left behind during the county’s work had never been cleaned up, and she spent a total of $1,050 to clean up her hard. She is now requesting an exception to paying penalties on her property tax.

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