House unanimously adopts HB 213 to combat state’s heroin epidemic

February 23, 2015

FRANKFORT – With the goal of sharply reducing the state’s growing heroin epidemic, the Kentucky House of Representatives voted unanimously today for House Bill 213, which would increase treatment options for addicts while cracking down on high-level traffickers bringing the drug into the commonwealth.

            “Today’s vote speaks volumes about our chamber’s commitment to putting a stop to the spread of this poison,” said Rep. John Tilley, the bill’s chief sponsor and the chair of the House Judiciary Committee.  “The measures in our bill represent a lot of thought and are backed up by data and the experiences of other states.  My goal now is to make sure these provisions remain in what ultimately becomes law this year.”

            House Bill 213’s number itself is symbolic, because it represents the Feb. 13th birthday of state Rep. Joni Jenkins’ nephew, Wes Jenkins, who died as a result of a heroin overdose.  She spoke on the House floor about his life and how he became addicted.

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