Food right out of the garden

September 12, 2016

  “Can we really eat right out of our garden?” was the excited cry from some of the Y Guys. “Sure, but that does not mean eating in the garden, but we can pick a ripe tomato right now and eat it in the garden.” So last Tuesday Charity and Sarah got their containers and joined me toward the garden.

We headed straight toward the potato row which took a little searching since the potato stalks were dead and the hot wet weather had caused the weeds to grow. Why can’t we make food or money from morning glories; they seem to grow easily and are plentiful. We were glad I had used lots of tree leaves gathered last fall for a thick mulch. So we just followed the leaves. We used a flat-tined garden fork to dig down through the leaves and gently lift the potatoes out of the loose soil. The girls were so excited to see the spuds tumbling out. Since I use mainly potato eyes cut out of the potatoes I used all winter, we had a variety in color and texture. All too soon for them we had our quota for our meal.

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