ARH brings cardiac care to Barbourville

February 2, 2018
ARH brings cardiac care to Barbourville

The days of driving one hour or more one way for cardiology diagnostics and care are over. That’s because of Appalachian Regional Healthcare’s (ARH) efforts to bring invasive cardiologists to Barbourville and Middlesboro ARH hospitals. Dr. Ehtesham Ul Haq, the company’s newest invasive cardiologist, spoke about the risks and warning signs of heart disease and treatment options available to Knox patients at the January 30 Knox County Chamber of Commerce meeting.

“Before, [patients] used to travel to Knoxville to get echocardiograms, which is not even a 30-minute test, and its three hours of driving. Just think about it. Simple stress testing takes approximately 10 minutes,” explained Dr. Haq. “How convenient is it for the patients to get everything done locally. They don’t have to travel and its less expensive because of course they don’t have to drive. Some people, they just can’t transport. There’s just no way for them to get to the bigger city to get things done. So, overall, yes, we have heard a lot of positive feedback from the patients and providers both.”

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