Am I crazy or can racehorses help our hospital?

April 29, 2015

by Jay Nolan


The Knox County Hospital saves lives. That’s why this newspaper has been such a strong advocate for the hospital. Even though we report both good and bad news about the hospital, its finances, activities and staff, overall we believe Knox County is definitely better off with a hospital than without one.

In fact, 48% of heath care provided in our state comes from rural hospitals, according to state commissioner of agriculture and candidate for governor, James Comer. Clearly rural hospitals play a huge role in protecting and preserving the health and welfare of our citizens.

But, our local hospital, like many others across the state, also faces a huge financial challenge. That’s partly due to another statistic Comer cited when he visited the Advocate offices recently. The commissioner stated, “Twenty-five percent of the state is on Medicaid now.”The content you are trying to view is available only to subscribers. Please log-in or go to Register to subscribe today!

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