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Hopper Funeral Home

Good deeds can come back like a boomerang

This February, 2016 I decided to try writing another book. As I looked around the Center and saw all the rocks and stonework, I got to thinking that they should easily outlive me. Then who would know the many stories behind the work? There are so many stories to tell.
One of the chapters is called Boomerang Rock. A boomerang is an Australian tool—a bent or angular throwing club which can be thrown as to return near the starting point.… Continue reading

‘Really, we HAVE to learn here? You HAVE to teach us?’

Regina Bargo  Tales from the Classroom

Regina Bargo
Tales from the Classroom

My school day started in an unusual day today.  Jamie brought me two Lego men and said, “Here Mrs. Bargo, I’m gonna give these to you so you won’t have to take them when I’m playing with them while I’m supposed to be working today.  My students know me so well!

Katie asked, “Mrs. Bargo how do you spell haft?”  Not understanding his question, I asked, “What?”  She answered, “You… Continue reading

Released from Knox County Detention Center

Knox County Detention Center Barbourville, KY

Knox County Detention Center, Barbourville, KY

Released from Knox County Detention Center 9/23/16 (Friday)

Joy D. Bowman, Jerry W. Brown, Tony R. Couch, Shawn P. Dillingham, Angela Elam, Jonathan Jones, Allison Nicholson, Georgia A. Riley Randy D. Stamper Jr. and Christopher Tucker.

Released from Knox County Detention Center 9/24/16 (Saturday)

Charles Baker, Austin T. Cooper, Amanda Foley, Jonathan France, Patricia Kidd, Tyler J. Messer, Estil W. Partin and Sherri Rich.

Released from Knox County Detention Center 9/25/16… Continue reading

Time for veggie soup!

Kristy Dean Cole  Confession of a Baking Queen

Kristy Dean Cole
Confession of a Baking Queen

Looking at all the falling leaves piling up sure looks like Fall. Just over the course of a weekend, the yard seems nearly full of gold and brown foliage shed from nearby trees. Although the first frost has not yet killed out the remaining greenery, the sun is still beaming with brightness slowly loosing its strength each day. No need for flip-flops, only hoodies and sweaters will soon be the new dress… Continue reading

Mom sees uncanny resemblance between husband, baby

Roger Alford

Roger Alford

I love the story of the woman who was admiring her friend’s newborn baby.

“He sure favors his dad,” the woman said.

“Oh, yes, he surely does,” the new mom said. “He sleeps all the time, never talks and has no hair.”

It’s only natural that children look like their parents. In some instances, the resemblance is uncanny. Sometimes, they act alike. And sometimes they even sound alike.

So to should Christians have traits that cause them to… Continue reading

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